“Master,” sighed the disciples, “We took infinite pains, travelled a great distance to visit the holy man. Standing in his presence, hanging on his lips for a message, he said ‘Nothing, Nothing!’”

“Not in vain,” replied the Master, “No, not in vain. Did you listen to his Silence?”

“What is Silence?” the disciples naively asked.

With the wisdom of a sage, the Master replied. “Silence is not the absence of noise. No words are needed. No metaphors required. Empty your wounded gypsy mind of all your horror dreams and dark desires. Let go of all that is not your true self.”

To give time for his words to sink in, the Master paused.

Then he continued, “In the great abyss of silence you are called to listen, silently listen. Watch your breath. Listen to your heartbeat. Descend deeper. Listen to the deep stirrings of the Spirit within. In the ceaseless yearnings of your mystic heart is your God. ‘Be still and know that I am your God,’ says the Lord. Seek the Divine in the silent space within you.”  


  • Cedric Rebello, SJ 
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