//Avellino Remedios, SJ (BOM) 1930-2023

Avellino Remedios, SJ (BOM) 1930-2023

Remedios was a ‘People’s Person’: friendly; one who enjoyed meeting and talking with people. He would always begin any conversation with ‘What’s Up?’. These two words had a beautiful alchemy of endearing him to others. By his ability to fluently speak in English, Marathi and Warli he created a circle of friends and well-wishers in the places where he worked. Children, youth or the elderly, he would connect with all with the same comfort and ease.

His ministry was based on the triad of Contact – Communication – Relationships. Connect with people, Converse with people and to Consolidate relationships. He approached and resolved the problems of the Parish with the active participation of the people. He showed by example that a priest has to be available for and identify with the people 24×7. In the true spirit of synodality, he instilled in the people a sense of belonging and ownership of the Church. With his perceptive observations he was able to contribute in the Pastoral, Education and Youth ministries.

He reached out to the poor and the Warli tribals with extra affection and concern. He supported ventures to promote and preserve their language, culture and art. He strived to spread the Gospel in their idiom and translated the Gospels in the Warli language. He co-authored ‘Mythos and Logos of the Warlis’, a book that is used as a reference book by many. He was a true People’s Person: a ‘Zinda Dil’ missionary. St. Peter at the pearly gates must have said to him, ‘Fr. Remedios, What’s Up? You are welcome!’

  • Sanjeev Gonsalves, SJ