//REGAE II – a destination already and not yet

REGAE II – a destination already and not yet

In October-November 2014 the Major Superiors of the Jesuit Conference of South Asia (JCSA) met in Phesama, Nagaland, and moved by “a palpable experience of the Spirit at work among us”1 , responded boldly and generously to the invitation of Fr. General regards restructuring at the JCSA level. At Phesama, began a journey that, over five years, has twice spanned the length and breadth of the Conference. The first phase, the Spiritual Animation Process, was aimed at reawakening in us a sense of belonging to the universal apostolic body of the Society of Jesus through a process of spiritual conversations. More than 3000 Jesuits in the Conference journeyed back to our roots, and returned renewed. Meanwhile two other sub-committees studied and made recommendations for the Formation sector and for Renewal of Governance Structures.

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