//The Spanish Humour

The Spanish Humour

Gujarat state is ever grateful to its enthusiastic, committed and hardworking Spanish missionaries. They were\are a bundle of joy too. They lived their life joyfully and went about spreading that joy through their jokes and wits. Some of them were experts in “pun with words”. Their sense of humor amidst hard life, goes to show how well they knew the art of life. Most of these jokes and pun with words are in the local language – Gujarati, and translating them into English loses its pun and punch. Some of them spoke the local language with a typical pronunciation, and grammatical mistakes indeed were so funny, they brought a lot of laughter and joy to people. The unique sense of Spanish humor was something to reckon with. Some samples: Wit with Wisdom: On the feast day of the parish, the assistant parish priest inquired from Fr. Ignacio Galdos about the timing of the start of the celebrations.

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