//A Novel Handbook for Ignatian Retreat

A Novel Handbook for Ignatian Retreat

This book, TO SEE ALL THINGS NEW IN CHRIST, is prepared keeping in mind the Ignatian Year and its theme. It is a collection of thirteen eight-day Ignatian retreats for various groups: religious men, religious women, diocesan priests, pastors, social activists, educationalists, lay persons, women, youth, teenagers, eco-Ignatian retreat and finally a retreat for people of other religions. It is a collaborative venture. Each retreat is prepared by a different author specialized in one’s ministry.

Each retreat has about 10 talks which include an introductory talk, a talk for each day and a concluding talk. For each day, prayer suggestions and appropriate scripture passages are also given. For anyone who wants to make an Ignatian retreat or direct an Ignatian retreat, this book can be very helpful. It also provides two articles which explain the method and the basic dynamics of an Ignatian retreat and the process of discernment. It can be a great help to both the retreat director and the retreatant, before the beginning of the retreat.

This book is a concrete response to the first Universal Apostolic Preference of the Society of Jesus – TO SHOW THE WAY TO GOD THROUGH THE SPIRITUAL EXERCISES AND DISCERNMENT. The other Universal Apostolic Preferences – walking with the excluded, journeying with the youth and caring for our common home – are also taken into consideration while preparing this book, and retreats pertaining to these topics are also provided. In order to address an audience of spiritual seekers outside of the Christian fold, this book also contains a retreat for people of other religions. It can help us to give a taste of Ignatian retreats to many of our collaborators belonging to different religions.

TITLE: To See All Things New In Christ: Eight Day Ignatian Retreats For Various Groups

EDITOR: Jose Panadan, SJ

PUBLISHER: Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, Anand

PAGES: 296

PRICE: Rs. 450