//Fr. Poulose Mangai, SJ (CCU) 1957-2022

Fr. Poulose Mangai, SJ (CCU) 1957-2022

Poulose Mangai was born on 15th September 1957, at Kalady, Kerala. After serving 7 years as a lecturer in Engineering Colleges, he joined the Society on 21st June 1987.

He was a man of simplicity and integrity, with a sharp brain and a compassionate heart; with no guile. He was always amiable, available, approachable and helpful. No conditions or preferences in his service to the Lord and his people. He was a man of deep faith, convictions, and commitment, and led almost an ascetic life.

He was asked to be a teacher of Philosophy after his outstanding performance in philosophy studies. In regency at St Xavier’s College, Poulose proved himself to be a mathematician with a mathematical brain – logical, analytical and systematic. He taught theology at Vidya Jyoti for 20 years. As a professor and mentor, Poulose led many students in theological thinking. Students could approach him at any time. What appeared to be complex theological issues and intricate mysteries of faith, he explained them in simple and intelligible language. He did an excellent job with Vidya Jyoti Journal and authored more than 150 articles.

As a priest, he travelled around Delhi and beyond, for spiritual ministries. He saw the face of the suffering Christ in slum dwellers, rickshaw-pullers, and street children who affectionately called him Dadabhai. He never refused those who sought alms or turned down a hungry person. He greeted everyone with his characteristic smile. Without hurting anyone, he “called a spade a spade.” He was a man of interior freedom.

Even when academic pressures and professional demands mounted on him and health issues cropped up, he went on with his usual ministry and service to all. Till the end of his short life, he remained an unassuming person.

Fr. Poulose passed away on 26th March 2022, in Holy Family Hospital Delhi, and was buried in Dhyan Ashram, Calcutta.

Amulya Kananaikal, SJ