//Life during the pandemic and after

Life during the pandemic and after

The book, ‘Religiously Political and Politically Religious’, is a series of thoughtful essays. There are 23 of them about life during the pandemic and after.

The topics include the post-pandemic challenge to Christian churches, the struggles of the religious life, and the suffering of migrants during the pandemic. He has also written about the relationship between the Centre and the Christians in India.

This book is an easy read. The language is simple and straightforward.

The sentences of Fr. George are powerful. In an essay on Myanmar, Fr. George said, ‘Myanmar is a slaughterhouse of human rights.’ In that one sentence, Fr George has summarised the genocide that is taking place there.

In another section, Fr. George wrote: ‘Remember when we lose the right to dissent, we become slaves.’

This book makes you think and reflect, and sometimes feel worried about the state of the nation. That is the power of good writing.

We need people like Fr. George in our Society. They can explain what is happening beneath the headlines.

Here is an example:

‘The farmers are saying the new laws will harm them. The government and its spokespersons say it will help them. Whom do you believe? What is required is what philosopher Paulo Freire called critical consciousness. Or, in simple terms, to think with the mind of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi said, “When you are in doubt and you do not know what to choose, think through the mind of the poor.”

And Fr. George remains optimistic. Because, as has been the case throughout history, love will triumph over hatred.

Shevlin Sebastian

Title: Religiously Political and Politically Religious: Reflections for Peace Education

Author: M. K. George, SJ

Publisher: Christian World Imprints, Delhi

Pages: X + 86

Price: Rs. 250/-