//Fr. Casper James Miller, SJ (NEP) 1933-2023

Fr. Casper James Miller, SJ (NEP) 1933-2023

Cap enjoyed cycling, trekking and long walks. He told us that once a palmist told him that he would die on the road. We would tease him, ‘Cap, please carry your ID card always and don’t trouble us searching for you.’ He passed away peacefully on 15th January, without troubling us, but teaching us how to grow old and live the old age gracefully.

Born in 1933 in Cleveland, Ohio, he entered the Society in 1951, and was ordained a priest in 1964. He arrived Nepal in 1958. In appreciation of his selfless and dedicated service, the government of Nepal granted him citizenship in 1971.

He was sociable and made friends easily. The most attractive quality we found in Cap was that he was an optimistic person.  About the candidates or scholastics, he would often say, ‘They are making very good effort… he is better this week.’

In the world of comfort and plenty, he lived a simple life. He showed us that we do not need much to live a happy life. One can be happy with the minimum. He didn’t take flights for domestic travels. He always travelled by bus. Once I asked him, ‘Cap, why don’t you take flights? You save time.’ His response was, ‘I am not in a hurry. Moreover, while travelling by bus I meet many people and make friends.’

He would always be available for spiritual ministry and go for Mass in parishes and convents. He had a special love for the poor. He would visit prisons, taking with him clothes, books and magazines for the inmates. 

He was one of the well-known anthropologists.  He has authored three books. Cap was a history. With his exit one more chapter of the history of Nepal Vicariate and the Region ended. We thank God for this great person.

Amrit Rai, SJ