//Why Pray or Go for Mass?

Why Pray or Go for Mass?

As a lay and busy professional, I was captivated and awed at the incredible insights provided here about Christian prayer and the Eucharist. The dynamic role of personal prayer, and the need for active personal receptiveness at Mass, is lucidly explained for Catholics who desire communion with God.

The basics of Christian discipleship are treated, with personal sharing from the authors’ rich experiences of numerous retreats preached and books authored. A masterful skill for simplifying profound Biblical truths is shown,and lovely gems from Pope Francis’ Desiderio Desideravi are quoted, making this a veritable “prayer handbook.” 

I am very impressed by the different themes – The Eucharist, Lectio Divina, Intercession, Family Prayer, Acceptance of the Cross, etc – from Thomistic theology: A mere routine or mechanical attendance (just “hearing” Mass) cannot bring real nourishment; from Desiderio Desideravi: “We may not even be aware of it, but every time we go to Mass, the first reason is that we are drawn there by Jesus’ intense desire for us”; there is straight talking too: “So if a Catholic Christian comes to receive the sacrament every Sunday but has given no evidence of real love during the preceding week, the fruitfulness of the sacrament for him/her is minimal at most.” Surely, a most helpful and practical book!

Chris de Souza

Title: The Eucharist and Personal Prayer

Authors: Dr Renu Rita Silvano, OCV, STD and Dr Fiorello Mascarenhas, SJ, DMin

Publisher: St Paul’s Publications 

Pages: 136

Price: Rs. 150/-