//Inigo, Canonball, Crossroads and the Jesuits

Inigo, Canonball, Crossroads and the Jesuits

Speaking about the Ignatian Year, Arturo Sosa, the General of the Society of Jesus stated “We desire that the inspiration of the process of personal conversion that led Ignatius to share his spiritual experience and to found the Society of Jesus, may become also for us an impulse toward transformation of our life and mission. We foresee an “Ignatian Year” from 20th May 2021 until 31st July 2022 with a special movement on 12th March 2022, the fourth centenary of the canonisation of Ignatius of Loyola together with Francis Xavier, Teresa of Avila, and Philip Neri”. Thus, the Ignatian Year is not like any other celebration but an occasion to revisit the cannonball moment, the crossroads that enabled Inigo to reflect on this life and mission and choose what God has inspired him to do.

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