//Fr. Antonio Falces Remirez, SJ (GUJ>ESP) 1941-2022

Fr. Antonio Falces Remirez, SJ (GUJ>ESP) 1941-2022

All those who have been his students in the different centers, will agree and testify that Fr. Tony was there always at their service in sickness and in health, in class and on the play grounds, in Church or in the TV room.

Undoubtedly successful were the years spent as Director of the Juniorate – both in Ahmedabad and Pune. The Juniors unanimously appreciated him, and were grateful for such a competent and creative professor. Fr. Falces had received a specialized training in the BBC in London, and that together with his good knowledge of Jesuit history and spirituality, made him an ideal Juniorate Director.

As a student of Theology, Falces had excelled in all subjects to the extent that when a professor of Theology was required for our budding Regional Theologate, Fr. Bermejo from Pune remarked: “But you have there Fr. Falces…the best student we had here…!”

Yes, Tony Falces was an intelligent and passionate man, an idealistic educator, uncompromising in the execution of the policies he thought were the best for the future of his pupils. Not everyone but Fr. Civiac had sufficiently thick skin to put up with the idealistic educational policies, necessary electronic equipments, original extracurricular activities and frequently changing time- tables of our great Tony Falces.

And that is how this wonderful, capable, loveable and controversial man took the painful decision of returning for good to Spain in 2002.

He finally settled in Javier where he soon became a good retreat preacher. He was also very useful with his knowledge of English to the visiting foreigners. He was Parish Priest of the small Catholic community of Javier village who soon enough experienced the high and uncompromising expectations of their “Indian Parish Priest.”

However, for his burial all of them were present – singing and praying and carrying his coffin up the hill.

Rest in peace, dear Antonio,

Or…are you already re-organizing and improving the show of the heavenly choirs?  

Joaquin Castiella, SJ