//Elections 2019: Jesuit response to a stunning verdict

Elections 2019: Jesuit response to a stunning verdict

If Election 2014 was about the ‘Modi wave’, then Election 2019 is definitely about the ‘Modi tsunami’ (tsuNaMo). PM Modi, who led the BJP and the NDA from the front, has ended up being recognized as an indefatigable campaigner and, with some help from his deputy, as a strategist par excellence. The massive scale of the victory has forced the opposition parties to go into a huddle to introspect. Does this stunning victory mean more trouble for the minorities? Or are they, in a strange way, going to be safer? A flashback to the 2017 Gujarat Assembly Election would be instructive. 

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The author is the Director of ‘Xavier Institute of Social Research’ (XISR), Nashik, Maharashtra.