//True Heroes of Our Nation

True Heroes of Our Nation

Praise to the farmers, who till the land,
With calloused hands and a noble stand.
They sow seeds for our daily bread,
Bringing forth life, from earth’s deep bed.

Praise to the domestic helpers, who sweep our homes,
With diligent hands they clean with foams.
They cook our meals, and set our tone,
And care for our children, as their own.

Praise to the scavengers, who walk the streets,
Clearing the trash with tireless feet.
In heat and rain, they toil with pride,
Keeping our cities clean, far and wide.

Praise to the laborers, who build the city,
With health so weak yet hands are steady.
With bricks and mortar, they shape our dreams,
A work of beauty, a sketch of beams.

Praise to the rag pickers, who sort and sift,
Through piles of waste, with a determined lift.
They recycle and reuse, with an eye to the earth,
A lesson for us all, about our true worth.

Praise to the septic tank cleaners, who brave the depths,
Of our sewers and drains, with endless breadths.
They cleanse the filth, with a fearless heart,
A job so dangerous, that sets them apart.

Our nation’s true wealth lies in these souls,
Whose hard work and grit, rid our country of holes.
Let’s honor and respect their noble deeds,
For they are the true heroes, of our daily needs.