//When Tribal Land Matters and their Lives do not, what happens!

When Tribal Land Matters and their Lives do not, what happens!

It happened in 1921….

‘Traders from other parts of India, knowing the improvidence of these simple aboriginals, have settled among them to exploit it and trade upon it. Their stocks are always well provided with paddy which they are willing to give out as loan for 100 per cent., or two measures of rice from the new crop for every measure given. The Sharpers buy all they can get at a cheap rate, send a good deal out of the country where they can get a good price for it, and keep in stock only just enough so as to make sure that after six or seven months there would be a shortage in the country. This, of course, will double the price and the poor people will have to buy at a rate enhanced by 100 per cent, the very rice which they had sold six months before. Then they have to contract debts, mortgage the fields they are cultivating and become the victim of the moneylender, until perhaps one day when they disappear to go and find a living elsewhere. This is the economic history of every aboriginal tribe in India.’

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The author is currently assigned to work with JRS team members for Rohingya refugees at JRS ministry Bangladesh