//Finding God in Day to Day Life

Finding God in Day to Day Life

This book on prayer has something for everyone; children, teenagers, and adults. It addresses the spiritual needs of a wide variety of people who find themselves in a variety of situations in life.

Fr. Learoy has categorized every single prayer theme in this book under various sections. These sections reflect a particular moment (or a set of moments) in life. The sections include Moments of Assurance, Moments of Struggle, Moments of Grace, etc. The attempt of the author has been to help the reader to recall and prayerfully ponder a variety of situations one faces in the journey through life, and to notice how God has been actively present in those very moments.

Every prayer in this book begins with a grace that is being sought. This gives the prayer its focus. This is followed by a passage from scripture, which helps throw light on the prayer matter. What follows this is a reflection. The reflection is based either on the scripture passage or on some insight from our Christian tradition, or on popular culture, or from literature, or from some personal experience of the author. The reader is invited to ponder whether the reflection connects with any personal experience of his/her own. A short prayer then follows, which is to be read slowly and meditatively. The last part of each prayer session is an invitation to further personalize and make concrete the prayer experience. It is a help in moving towards concrete action.

TITLE: In a Prayerful Moment: Reflections and prayers for various moments in life


PUBLISHER: Pauline Publications, Mumbai

PAGES: 170

PRICE: Rs. 180.00

Joshua D’souza SJ