//Ignatius Fernandes, SJ (BOM) 1948-2023

Ignatius Fernandes, SJ (BOM) 1948-2023

Ignatius Fernandes was my classmate in school. In fact, in our last year in school we sat on the same bench. But we did not know that we were planning to join the Society. We did our “four sheets” together. Fr. Provincial told me to come to Vinayalaya on 20 June 1966, but Ignatius was asked to do college in Ahmedabad. The next year he joined the Society.

We went through the normal years of formation and Ignatius was ordained a priest at St. Peter’s Bandra on 24 April 1982. He loved to work with the tribals and so he was appointed to work in Shirpur Mission from June 1982. My companion, Fr. Louis D’Mello was Superior and Parish Priest. While going to the Mass centre, a drunk S.T. driver banged his jeep headlong and Fr. Louis D’Mello died on the spot. Fr. Ignatius was appointed acting Superior and the next year, Superior of Shirpur Mission. He found it very difficult to accept the loss of his Superior and close friend, Fr. Louis and this took a toll on him from that time on.

Ignatius was a very affectionate person and a good companion. He took his theology seriously and stayed outside in the village while attending classes in DNC. He loved the poor and the simple tribals of Shirpur. They showered their love on him in return. He passed away in the province infirmary at Vinayalaya on 19 February 2024.

– Joaquim Tellis, SJ