//Can our forerunners inspire us?

Can our forerunners inspire us?

Education has been an important tool in the hands of Jesuits almost from its very inception in 1542.  Within a few years of the founding of the Society of Jesus, it became clear that one of the best ways to help others was to provide them with good education. With this in mind, the first Jesuit school was opened in Messina, Sicily, in 1548. By the time Ignatius died in 1556, thirty five schools had been started. At the time of the suppression of the Society in 1733, the Jesuits had established more than 800 schools around the world. In 1986, when  Characteristics of the Jesuit education document was released, they had more than 2000 educational institutions in the world. Today there are about 1020 educational institutions run by Jesuits all over the world.

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