//All that we do here in India

All that we do here in India

Fr. S. Ignacimuthu, SJ talks of his new book

The Works of Jesuits in India By S. Ignacimuthu, SJ
Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, Anand

Pages: 252

Price: Rs.220/-

What made you think of such a book?
I thought of writing this book mainly because at present there is no book available containing details related to the topic. Both for the Jesuits and others I wanted to give in a nutshell the various works of Jesuits in India

How did you manage to gather all the needed information for such an exhaustive book?
Many people helped me collect the necessary information. I requested concerned persons to provide details related to each topic. They cooperated very well. For some topics, I myself collected the details from books, websites, and other sources. 

It is important that non-Jesuits come to know about the Jesuit contributions to the nation. But how do we get people of all religions to read this book?  
I am aware that many people in public life, particularly those belonging to other religions may not get a chance to read this book. I intend to send the book for review to important dailies like The Hindu, Times of India and the Statesman