//Fr. Gregory Xaxa, SJ (JAM) 1957 – 2022

Fr. Gregory Xaxa, SJ (JAM) 1957 – 2022

His sudden demise on 7th August 2022 saddened all Jamshedpur Jesuits and his family members. He was born on 24th May 1957, to Joseph and Angela Xaxa at Kesramal, Rourkela diocese, Odisha. He had six siblings: two brothers and four sisters. His identical twin brother – Late Fr. Vincent Xaxa, was a diocesan priest for the Rourkela Diocese, Odisha, and his one sister is a nun named Sr. Mary Priscilla FC, Rourkela Province, Odisha. He joined the Society of Jesus in Jamshedpur Province on 20th June 1979, pronounced his first vows in 1980, and was ordained a priest on 27th March 1993.

His entire priestly ministry (29 years) was in Odisha, that too in the Kandhamal district, except for three years in Kendrapada district. He was a pioneer in three missions – Tumudibandha, Rutungia and Minjaponka, all in the Kandhamal district. He was a passionate and committed pastor all through his life. He shouldered other responsibilities of a treasurer, minister and administrator, together with the job of a Parish Priest. He was a quiet person, a man of a few words but always with a gentle smile on his face. He was blessed with practical, pragmatic wisdom and leadership skills. He spent his life with the minimum things needed for his personal life as well as for the mission. He showed tremendous trust in God’s Providence. He never looked for comfort. He was good at herbal medicines, especially treating those afflicted with sickle-cell anaemia. He was excellent in mechanics – engaged in repair and maintenance work. He loved planting fruit-bearing trees, and worked towards self-reliance through animal husbandry and agricultural schemes. All his pioneering places testify to his effort. May his soul rest in peace and joy with Our Lord.

Gyan P. Kujur, SJ