//Fr. Robert (Bob) Menezes, SJ (BOM) 1947-2023

Fr. Robert (Bob) Menezes, SJ (BOM) 1947-2023

Fr. Robert (Bob) Menezes, S.J. was a multi-talented man with no gas about any of his gifts. He shared his giftedness generously in every way possible with no airs about it. No matter who was in need he was ever available, except if he was sleepy. During Theology in DNC, Bob woke up faithfully at 5.30 am for prayer. Though after breakfast he made up with a short nap (a ‘do not disturb’ defensive time) before he got down into responding to the needs anyone expressed inside or out of community, before class.

He was the only novice from among us who had an MA in Psychology. So, through his Jesuit life, he always made himself available for anyone who had an intellectual need whether it was a fellow novice, or scholastic, the child of a staff member or someone in the slums. Initially, whenever called to help out medicinally, Bob once again became the sort of middle person between Bro. Vincy Menezes (fatty) the Infirmarian and the novice in need. He was very comfortable when using the piano for songs, and the organ for teaching us hymns and playing during Mass and community prayers—a new world for me. He was very faithful in fulfilling his spiritual duties. I used to enjoy Bob’s stories when he would come for a day or two to the city from the Talasari community which gave me a picture of his social faithfulness and generosity to the locals in the various villages. Very rarely, when Bob was annoyed about or disapproved of something, he made it known through his short temperedness and aggressive tone of voice. He was a man of community and showed it through his wide generosity and kindness. All of the above, where Bob stayed, ever cradled and often manifested through his naughty and mischievous sense of humour, the gold beneath his silver. 

Dudley Mendonca, SJ