//Relishing theOrdinary

Relishing theOrdinary

I have a vivid memory of the annual Christmas plays at my school, where I often found myself cast as one of the shepherds. On one occasion, I confided in my mother, expressing my desire to portray Mary or even Joseph. I still recall her gentle response, “Every small moment in life holds its own special significance. The Shepherds, after all, heard the eternal song of peace.” In later years, I stumbled upon Coventry Patmore’s poem, “The Toys,” which pondered the idea that our joys are often crafted from the simplest of toys. During my doctoral studies, I read the renowned economist Schumacher’s book, Small Is Beautiful, which presents the notion that ‘small’ could be a superior alternative to the pervasive belief that ‘bigger is better.’ In life’s rich tapestry, it is often the unassuming threads that weave the most remarkable tales.

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