//Dionysius Lobo, SJ (BOM) 1945-2023

Dionysius Lobo, SJ (BOM) 1945-2023

Dion died as he lived – peacefully on the morning of Sunday 24 September 2023. Dion was 78 years old and 62 years in the Society. His entire priestly ministry of 48 years was in education – 17 years in Manickpur, Vasai, D.Ed. College as teacher educator and principal; 15 years in Talasari as teacher, head master and manager of schools; 12 years in St. Xavier’s School, Nashik as teacher and Manager and 4 years in REAP with non-formal education as teacher educator.

No one would have thought this frail, unassuming man would give so much of his life for so many years and make such an impact. He was not one to show his feelings, but he had a big heart – especially for the poor. Hundreds of tribal students in Talasari and teacher trainees in Manickpur will testify to his care and concern for them. He exuded humility. He was humble enough to opt to work in a non-formal set-up for four years. It was edifying to see a college principal, HM of schools teach simple slum and village teacher-trainees the basics of language and poetry.

Whatever he did, he did it meticulously. The new ICSE school is his brain child. He thought of every minute detail. As a pastor he will be remembered for his simple, short sermons peppered with anecdotes and stories that drove home a message. Nashik people called his sermons ‘morning gems’.

– Trevor Miranda, SJ