//Fr. Ignace Canis Macwan, SJ (GUJ) 1957-2022

Fr. Ignace Canis Macwan, SJ (GUJ) 1957-2022

A life full of vitality, joy and above all, goodness, ended a little too early, just in 64 years. Kathakar Ignace departed in the wee hours of Sunday 6th March, 2022.

Ignace grew like Samuel with Eli, in the temple of the Lord. The shrine of Petlad, the religious parents and above all a spiritual closeness with Fr. Gorosquieta, the then Parish Priest of Petlad, were the breeding grounds of his religious vocation

Katha was his life and Katha was his mission. Ignace had given near 5000 Kathas during the 30 years of his active priestly ministry in Dhandhuka mission. The number of those having benefitted from the Katha will be in many more thousands.

It seems God had forgotten to put a censorship chip in the mind of Ignace. He uttered what passed his mind. Duplicity was unpalatable or undigestible to Ignace. He appeared as he was.

No material could claim to have a power over Ignace. Be it his favourite Scorpio or any gadget gifted by his European friends.

His office was a cement bench under the neem tree outside the boarding where he received his visitors, be they villagers or officers, all alike. He loved receiving visitors or guests.

He met people on one condition: You tell me a joke and I will tell you two. He had a passion for jokes. Most of the conversation would be the exchange of jokes, followed by peals of laughter. His presence brought a wave of joy that left our hearts lightened like a feather.

Fr. Ignace, your breaking of the word of God in the Kathas brought Good News to many a faithful who unburdened themselves listening to your joyful witness. Your personal qualities inspired us to become good human beings. Above all, the union of life and mission in you, became your own Gospel to us.