//Fr. Arun Kumar Bara, SJ (MAP) 1989-2023

Fr. Arun Kumar Bara, SJ (MAP) 1989-2023

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Tim 4:7). The late Fr. Arun Kumar Bara was born on 9th November 1989 in Chhoti Anni village of Baikunthpur parish in Koreya district. Mr. Antony Bara and Mrs. Taramani Bara were blessed with five children and Fr. Arun was the fourth among them. He was ordained a priest on 26th October 2022 by Rev. Bishop Antonis Bara D.D. of Ambikapur diocese. Baikunthpur parish was blessed to have the first priest, a Jesuit, after 54 years of its inception.

The late Fr. Arun Kumar Bara was a gem, filled with a lot of talents and his unique personality. Amicability, availability and humility were very obvious among other qualities in him. It is hard to accept that he is no more with us now, such a young and energetic man going away like that in a freak road accident! He had completed 33 years on this earth, as a Jesuit 13 years, and as a Priest two months and sixteen days. He was a versatile man, ever happy and smiling. He was a man of few words. Whatever he did, he did it with full heart and mind. He never spoke a word which would hurt others. He was very sensitive towards the needs of others. An ever loving and caring person. Within a short span of his priestly ministry, he attracted thousands of people towards him. Today, physically he is no more with us but is alive in every one’s heart. Dear late Fr. Arun, the family members, friends, the Society and the Church at large are going to miss you forever.  May the Lord grant you eternal peace!

Tobias Tigga, SJ