//Corona virus: Moment to reclaim spiritual space

Corona virus: Moment to reclaim spiritual space

Two weeks ago, we all went to sleep in one world and woke up to see another world – a world none of us had imagined in our wildest dreams; a world which made us prisoners in our own homes; a world which put a sudden stop to our travels and gatherings, to our prayers and celebrations, to our materialistic pleasures, to our mad rat race. This new world compelled us to press the pause button on many of what we thought were our important and urgent programmes: deadlines to be met, targets to be achieved, profits to be gained, peaks to be conquered. This new world has invited us try to make sense of the world and what we have made of it. From a world where we had to work to stay alive, we came to a world where we had to stop work to stay alive!

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The author is Socius of Jamshedpur Province and Coordinator for Province COVID-19 Response Core Committee.