//Response to COVID-19 – Jesuits and the Church of Varanasi

Response to COVID-19 – Jesuits and the Church of Varanasi

The onslaught of the second wave of COVID-19 and its impact in an unprecedented manner has led to disease, devastation and death. On the one hand, the impact of this virus on the physical, emotional, psychological, economic, educational and social life of the people, has taken such a bad beating that they will not be able to spring back to life. On the other hand, total lack of proper and genuine information and lack of health care facilities, has taken us, Indian citizens into a total state of anxiety, fear, depression and death. After more than a year, the citizens, especially 60% of the population from the most vulnerable and marginalized communities, have suffered untold misery and hardships. Instead of this depressing situation coming to an end, it is prolonging, leading to a further debilitating impact on the masses.

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