//Fr. Mathew Pichalakattu, SJ (GUJ) 1940-2022

Fr. Mathew Pichalakattu, SJ (GUJ) 1940-2022

Like the rich young man of the gospel, young Mathew felt the loving and inviting gaze of the Lord on him. Mathew Picha also left everything and followed the Lord for the unknown land of Gujarat.

During his priestly life, he was entrusted with important and challenging responsibilities, pioneering Missions, established parishes and formation houses. His last appointment was to Radhanpur Mission in North Gujarat. Because of chronic back pain he had to use a walking stick. But that did not deter him from going to the Mission. After a short stay there, he was transferred to the Infirmary. A few months before his death, Mathew celebrated the golden jubilee of his priesthood.

The smiling face of Mathew has its own enchanting story to tell about his life: the spiritual disposition and attitude which characterized his missionary and pastoral life, deep faith and trust in the Lord who called him to leave his beloved home at Anickad, and come to the unknown land of Gujarat and make it his Karmabhumi

The last four years at Jeevan Darshan were perhaps the most challenging and difficult years in his life. He was suffering from occasional dementia, feeling restless and not fully in control of himself at times. He was going through moments of his dark night of the soul, sharing the Lord’s own passion.

Dear Mathew, You have been a great companion, man with a large heart and smiling face, a model and inspiration in religious and pastoral life. You were a pastor with the smell of the sheep.  You brought joy to the lives of your companions and people you served. You made your own, the joys and sufferings of your people. You cried with your people and laughed with them. Pray for us in our ongoing mission and continuing pilgrimage to the Promised Land

Jose Changanacherry, SJ