//When Covid-19 was at its worst

When Covid-19 was at its worst

The book ‘O God, Where Are you?’ is a precious collection of short articles by M.J. Thomas, S.J., written during the course of the last five years. In it he shares his insights and convictions resulting from over forty-five years of search and experience as a teacher, formator, spiritual director and retreat guide. Though written with Catholics in mind they will stimulate anyone with an open mind, ready to learn-unlearn-and-relearn. The author believes that ‘yesterday’s knowledge is not enough for today’, and that spiritual and psychological growth depends on one’s willingness to question all that one has learnt and is doing, and make growth producing changes.

Written when Covid-19 was at its worst, the first article attempts an answer to the crucial question of God’s relevance in human suffering. Articles two, three, four, five, ten and twelve deal with God’s relation with human beings, a relation of unconditional love and
forgiveness. Articles six and seven deal with human salvation, and article eight and eleven about human responsibility. Articles fourteen and fifteen are about the vital issue of handling one’s anger and practising daily forgiveness. Articles sixteen and seventeen shed light on the personality of Jesus. The final article is about universal peace and reconciliation.

Every article is stimulating, offering new and fresh views, making one say in wonder, ‘I never thought of it!’ The language is simple and lucid, perceptive and even poetic at times – as a master’s. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all. It is available from the author and at St. Paul’s and Carmel Book Stall, Ernakulam.

Dr. K.M. Mathew

Title: O God, Where Are you?

Author: M.J. Thomas, SJ

Publisher: Almamitra Publications, Kalady

Pages: 99

Price: Rs. 150/-