//Exploring New Frontiers in Interreligious Dialogue

Exploring New Frontiers in Interreligious Dialogue

“To be religious is to be interreligious.” This inclusive, integral insight of General Congregation 34 (130) served to widen the frontiers of interreligious dialogue in Jesuit circles. While GCs 32 and 33 focused on the inseparable link of faith and justice, GCs 35 and 36 drew attention to urgent environmental concerns. Pope Francis calling for a response to the cry of the Earth and cry of the poor, highlighted Integral Ecology in his encyclical Laudato Si, thus demonstrating the inseparable connection between justice and ecology. As we become more aware of the unifying web of the universe, it is vital to develop a holistic approach to dialogue so that together with faith, justice, and ecology, it is viewed as interrelated and interdependent in our interconnected universe.

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