//St. Paul completes the four Gospels

St. Paul completes the four Gospels

Fr Fio Mascarenhas, SJ talks about the new book he has co-authored with Dr. Renu Rita Silvano, OCV.

The Full Gospel
Fr Fio Mascarenhas, SJ & Dr. Renu Rita Silvano, OCV

St. Paul’s, Mumbai
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Why the name ‘The Full Gospel’?

Because, for the practice of authentic and fulfilling Christian spirituality, the 4 Gospels must necessarily be completed by St Paul’s teachings, which are like the “Fifth Gospel.” Other Christians, accusing us Catholics of not being sufficiently biblical, glory in titles like “Full Gospel Evangelical Church,” “Full Gospel Baptist Church,” First Full Gospel Church of Christ,” etc. So we decided to boldly title our new book meant for Catholics primarily, “THE FULL GOSPEL – a Pauline Perspective.”

Are you personally very fond of St. Paul?

Yes, we both are! We find very many texts from St Paul’s Letters to be personally very inspiring and thought-provoking. Moreover, our actual experience is that his Letters are truly the life-giving “word of God” for they fulfil Jn 6:63 in a special way, making come true in a deep way the words of Jesus, “My words are spirit and life.”

What will be the main aspects of a ‘Pauline spirituality’?

Like with many Saints, especially Ignatius of Loyola, one main aspect of biblical Christian spirituality is “falling in love with Jesus Christ, the Crucified and Risen human-divine Person,” and living this love in the circumstances of one’s daily life. To put it differently, Pauline spirituality means to actually experience “the spirit of sonship, crying out Abba Father” and of thereby being transformed “degree by degree” into “a co-heir with Christ” (Rom 8:15-17). Many of these aspects are beautifully summed by St Ignatius’ “Take O Lord and receive…”