//AICUF – Marching Towards aCentenary and Beyond

AICUF – Marching Towards aCentenary and Beyond

All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) – a student movement, inspired by God, and initiated by a visionary Jesuit, has grown over the years, and is marching to step into the 100th year of its existence at the service of the Church, the Nation and human society at large. It is a moment of pride that a small seed sown in 1924 by Fr. P. Carty S.J. at St. Joseph’s College Trichy, Tamil Nadu, has grown into a big tree, has survived trials and tribulations, and has crossed its own ups and downs. As we are inching toward the centenary of the movement, it is apt to see its origin, growth, issues and challenges, with an eye of hope and optimism in the context of the Universal Apostolic Preferences of Journeying with young people.

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