//Jesuit Mission in the field of Ethnophilosophy

Jesuit Mission in the field of Ethnophilosophy

In the context of post-colonialism, the concept of ‘ethno’/ ‘ethnic’ is becoming popular. Especially in ‘third’ world countries, researches are done on ‘ethno-medicine’, ‘ethno-chemistry’, ‘ethno-botany’, ‘ethno-history’, ‘ethno-economics’ and so on. But unfortunately, ‘ethno-philosophy’ is an enigmatic word to academic philosophers. Neither in the West nor East, is it done. Only in Africa, a certain group of philosophers are doing ethnophilosophy. 

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The author is a professor of philosophy in Arul Anandar College (Autonomous), Karumathur, Madurai, and author of two books: Ethnophilosophising in India (Series-1): A Study on Arunthathiyars and Philosophies of Margins.