//Fr. Abraham Adappur, SJ (KER) 1926-2022

Fr. Abraham Adappur, SJ (KER) 1926-2022

Fr. Adappur engaged in constant dialogue with the secular world.  Aged 96, he died in Christ Hall, Kozhikode.  His convictions, opposition to communism, and sense of justice, made him a philosopher-ascetic. He presented Christian doctrines in a secular style. Besides his books, many an article published in Mathrubhumi weekly proves this.

Fr. Adappur was a philosopher who relentlessly fought against Communism. He was annoyed by the aberrations of Marxian principles in their practice leading to massacre of lakhs of people and violation of human rights. According to him, communism rejected human values and freedom.

Social equality and political freedom were the main objectives of Liberation Theology. While many Jesuits embraced the vision of ‘Liberation Theology’, Fr. Adappur did not follow suit. He took a different stand.

Fr. Adappur made Lumen Institute in Cochi a centre for dialogue. He was the dynamic force behind its programmes, in which people from various walks of life participated. In fact, Fr. Adappur was unhappy at the aberrations of the Church and its proceedings. He had no hesitation and was bold enough to say openly his views on matters affecting the church, to the authorities, and to ask them pertinent questions. However, in matters of faith, he remained an arch conservative.

Simplicity was the hallmark of Fr. Adappur. The time he spent at the corridor in front of his room at Lumen, reading and writing, sitting in an easy chair was indeed, a spiritual exercise for him! His life began in 1926 at Arakkuzha, and ended at Kozhikode in 2022, has left in all, great memories. His departure would definitely create a vacuum in the cultural field. A big salute to Fr. Adappur who acted as a beacon for the Jesuits and for the public.

Binoy Jacob, SJ