//Aloysius Vanderwall , SJ (SRI) 1944-2023

Aloysius Vanderwall , SJ (SRI) 1944-2023

Fr. Aloysius Vanderwall, SJ, affectionately known as Fr. Aloy, lived a life devoted to serving God and humanity. From his early days in the novitiate to his final years as the Spiritual Guide at Sneha Niketana, St. Xavier”s Residence in Negombo, he exemplified a profound sense of purpose and devotion to the teachings of the Lord.

Fr. Aloy’s education at various institutions in India and Rome shaped his deep understanding of spirituality and provided a solid foundation for his future endeavors as a Jesuit priest. Throughout his journey, he took on various roles, such as Assistant Parish Priest, Parish Priest, Director of Fatima Retreat House, Vocation Promoter, Chaplain, Socius to the Provincial, and Novice Master.

In each of these roles, Fr. Aloy left an indelible impact on the lives he touched. He nurtured and guided his parishioners with love and compassion, provided spiritual renewal and guidance at retreat centers, and inspired others to explore their divine purpose. His wisdom and compassionate presence brought reassurance and unity to those around him.

Fr. Aloy’s passing is a loss to all who knew him, but his legacy of faith, service, and unwavering commitment will continue to inspire and guide others in their own spiritual journeys. As they bid farewell, his loved ones carry his memory in their hearts and honor his life by continuing his work of spreading love, compassion, and justice in the world.

– Milroy Fernando, SJ