//Ignatian Year: An Invitation to Re-imagine

Ignatian Year: An Invitation to Re-imagine

The meaning of reimagining one’s dream as a Jesuit is to discover one’s movements of the spirit in prayer, to which the spirit is calling to serve the Church and its Majesty. St. Ignatius wanted every follower of his, to continuously reimagine their dream with the help of discernment. The General Congregation of the Society of Jesus is an example of how the Fathers of the Congregations reimagine the Society’s dreams and mission. Fathers of the Congregations deliberate about the modus operandi for the renewal, conversion and relevance of the Society in Modern times. Consequently, reimagining one’s dream is the characteristic of the Society of Jesus, and very close to the worldview of St. Ignatius, through which we respond to the challenges put to us by the world we live in.

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