//Jesuit Brothers from World Over Meet in Rome

Jesuit Brothers from World Over Meet in Rome

During the week of July 3-10, nearly forty Jesuit brothers from different continents came to the Curia to share their experience of religious life as brothers. What does it mean today to be a Jesuit religious without being a priest? What does it mean to be a Jesuit, according to the experience of members of the Society who have chosen the religious life without ordination to the priesthood?

There was talk about Jesuit formation for the brothers and ways of promoting their vocations to the Society. There was an attempt to see more clearly what it means to participate in an apostolic community as a brother and to identify ways in which the brothers could maintain and improve communication among themselves.

Father General Arturo Sosa has never stopped saying how essential the brothers are to the life of the Society, including how much his own vocation as a Jesuit was nourished by the example of the brothers he had known in school. During the first session Fr. General told stories, opened his heart and repeated how much he counted on his fellow brothers to make the Society fully itself.

Courtesy: www.jesuits.global