//Vijay Kumar Ekka, SJ (MAP) 1962 – 2023

Vijay Kumar Ekka, SJ (MAP) 1962 – 2023

Fr. Vijay Kumar Ekka, SJ was born on 24 November 1962, in Khijurbahar, and he grew up with two brothers and a sister. Fr. Ekka dedicated the major portion of his life to the educational apostolate. His service extended beyond the confines of the classroom, as he was also the Assistant Parish Priest and Parish Priest, guiding people with compassion.

A man of diverse talents, he was gifted with a rich, melodious voice, with which he captivated the hearts of people at prayer gatherings. Despite his stout physique, Fr. Ekka was known for his gentle, soft-spoken nature. His ability to connect with people endeared him to many, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who knew and lived with him.

In 2019, Fr. Ekka faced health challenges that required medical treatment and rest. Khrist Milan Ashram, Namna, became his home, providing the spiritual milieu he needed to navigate his health journey.

Fr. Vijay Kumar Ekka’s passing on 30 December 2023, due to a severe brain haemorrhage, leaves a void in the lives of those who cherished him as a spiritual guide, mentor, and friend. His legacy of selfless service, kindness, and dedication to his faith will be remembered for ever. May his soul find eternal peace in the divine embrace, and may his memory continue to inspire us all to live with purpose and compassion!

– Henry Lakra, SJ