//Multiple Perspectives on Synodality

Multiple Perspectives on Synodality

Vidyajyoti, Institute of Religious Studies and Faculty of Theology, Delhi, has come out with a book on “No Synodality Without…” The book is the fruit of a three-day national symposium on “Journeying Together in the Spirit” from 14th-16th February, 2022. It is a compilation of twenty-two articles and perspectives that provoke us into the nature of God, People and Creation and our commitment to them. Most. Rev. Dr. Devadass Ambrose – Bishop of Thanjavur, wrote: “The book offers the pilgrim Church and its dream of today, in accordance with Synodality. The focus of the book is more relevant to personalize the role of the modern-day challenges in the living society.”

Appreciating the work Prof. Valan C. Antony SJ, said: “The reflections in the book emerge from a wide spectrum of people: bishops, theologians, academicians, lay people, youth, children, people of other faiths, inter-denominational, inter-ritual and human rights activists. New perspectives such as ‘Synodal God,’ revisiting the patristic fathers, and the synodal need to include and incorporate every authentic seeker and truth etc… Contextual reflection of subaltern concerns color the book’s radical churnings, while three articles by young seminarians, religious and children typify the representational rationale of the paradigm. Theological viewpoints and perspectives emerged from the rich group discussions, capture the much-needed synodal synergy, buoyed by nuanced perspectives on the synodal way of thinking, theologizing and living.”

P. R. John, SJ

Title: No Synodality Without…

Editor: P. R. John, SJ

Publisher: ISPCK and VCT, Delhi

Pages: 317

Price: Rs. 350/-