//Fr. Jerry Sequeira, SJ (GUJ) 1947 – 2021

Fr. Jerry Sequeira, SJ (GUJ) 1947 – 2021

Fr. Jerry Sequeira was the 5th Gujarat Jesuit victim of the dreaded coronavirus.

He was an exceptionally talented person, a leader, an educationist, a formator, a sensitive care-taker and a publisher.

As Pre-Novitiate Director, he used the free-time to get an MA in Psychology. When he started a boarding house for the Catholic boys, he joined them in studies and got the M.Ed. He secured the 1st rank in both.

As Provincial, he brought out a booklet on “Our way of proceeding”, providing guidelines to individuals and communities.

As an educationist, he served as Principal in elite as well as poor schools. He realized the need of collaboration and formed a Registered Trust of Parents and Teachers, and got their support for various ministries.  

He took great care of the sick and old in the Province Infirmary. This caring nature made him start a boarding for the Catholic poor students, giving them an opportunity to study in a city school. Of the 18 boys in three batches that he trained, two became Jesuits, three medical doctors, two engineers and one, a professor.

As a publisher, he brought out a digital version of the Bible in Gujarati.

No matter which ministry he was involved in, he made it a point to help out in the Parish ministry. He had come to Gujarat for such a ministry and the last assignment he had, was that of a Parish Priest. He endeared himself with his simplicity and optimism.

In all his ministries, he used his keen sense of finance to the advantage of all the ministries.

Here was a good and faithful servant, a Nathaniel, without guile. We’ll miss you, Jerry and we’ll keep recalling some of the anecdotes of your life!

Francis Parmar, SJ