//Do Jesuits Neglect their Health?

Do Jesuits Neglect their Health?

The scenario: Pandemic, both the first wave and the second wave, created fear and the recurring death news of our brethren gave us jitters. The statistics proved that in South Asia the highest number of deaths due to Covid is among the Jesuits – 37 out of 168, of all the religious groups till June 2021. The question often asked is, “Do we, Jesuits neglect our health?” Being with the people of God in a painful situation is a desirable thing but not at the risk of one’s health. This pandemic also gave us an opportunity to pray, read, ponder and prepare ourselves for the worst. There is so much literature available all around, I am not going to talk about to-dos and don’ts, but rather reflect on the situation we Jesuits put ourselves in and what could we do to take this issue to heart and work on it for a better health.

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