//Stories that portray a Rainbow of Life

Stories that portray a Rainbow of Life

After a grand success of ‘Waves – Story Bank’, Fr. Felix Raj’s another literary creation ‘Tides – Story Bank’ narrating different experiences of life was released. Dr. Shashi Tharoor, MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala has written a foreword to this book recently at St. Xavier’s University campus. He mentions about Fr. Raj’s literary contribution to its readers that observe people’s stories with supreme importance than anything ever.   

‘Tides’ came after ‘Waves’, the first volume which had received wide acceptance among its readers. Acknowledging Fr. Raj’s contribution as an academician and educational entrepreneur, Dr. Tharoor says that this new creation narrates vivid experiences of life that a human being passes through. Stories here express a wider angle of life starting from religious beliefs, philosophical stances, political aspects and historical references, he added.

Fr. Raj here expresses that today’s mundane world leave people’s minds filled with complexities and doubt, which take away peace of human life. But the world runs in its own order; seasons are changed automatically. Incessant waves of sea always keep reminding us that nature will continue to move in its own chosen path unperturbed.

Fr. Raj, in his book, spreads the message of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ taken from various angles of Christianity to Hinduism, from Islamic beliefs to Buddhist philosophies; thus, creating an essence of reaching to one goal of ‘attainment’ through various ways.

‘Mostly India centric stories, Fr. Raj has used first-person narrative style to make stories more appealing directly to readers. His very words, therefore, reverberates through the last few lines of the book, “If we want the rainbow, we need to put up with the rain. God is always there with us and for us.”

Title: Tides – Story Bank

Author: Fr. Felix Raj, SJ

Publisher: St. Xavier’s University Kolkata Alumni Association, Kolkata

Pages: 234

Price: Rs. 400 / $20

Dr. Somak Sen