//A scholarly walk through Jesuit Education

A scholarly walk through Jesuit Education

“The quality of Jesuit Education depends entirely on the quality of the educators in our schools”. The book by Fr. (Dr.) Vinod Fernandes SJ is truly aimed at enhancing the quality of Jesuit educationists. The book has an in-depth approach in articulating what Jesuit education is and should be. He has delved deeply into the origin and spread of Ignatian education, Ignatian spiritual vision, and the Pedagogy of Jesuit education. The holistic approach to education that has characterized Jesuit Education over the centuries is intrinsically related to the preparation, commitment and excellence of the classroom teachers, staff and leaders that are called to embody the characteristics of Jesuit Education.

The book deals with the development of Jesuit education from the beginning, through Ratio Studiorum, the IPP, the Characteristics of Jesuit education and going up to the recent global gatherings of Jesuit education and the Ignatian identity of Jesuit educators. The book also narrates Indian education and Jesuits’ role in education. In the context of emerging new challenges, the book proposes what role Jesuit educators must play in India. This book is a must read for every Jesuit educator to walk through the Jesuit ethos, legacy and living tradition, to make relevant his/her role as Jesuit educator.  The year 2023 is the 50th year of the famous maxim of late Fr. Pedro Arrupe SJ: ‘Jesuit education is for forming men-and-women-for-others’. This book will take its readers to a scholarly walk through the history of Jesuit education and its contemporary relevance.

Sunny Jacob, SJ

Title: Ignatian Identity of Jesuit School Educators in A Multicultural Society of India

Author: Vincent Vinod Fernandes, SJ

Publisher: Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, Anand

Pages: 259

Price: Rs. 350/-