//National Seminar in Honour of Fr. Sebastian Kappen, SJ

National Seminar in Honour of Fr. Sebastian Kappen, SJ

A two-day National Seminar was organized on 11-12 October 2019 at Ernakulam to mark the 25th death anniversary of Fr Sebastian Kappen (1924-1993).  The theme of the seminar was The Emergence of Fascist Tendencies in India: The Relevance of Kappen’s Counter-Cultural Perspectives. Prominent academicians, cultural leaders and researchers participated and presented scholarly papers.  Fr Kappen had been a significant presence on the intellectual landscape of the country for a few decades, and he lived in close contact with social activists and young seekers. His writings dealt with a variety of topics like Marxian Humanism, Liberation Theology, Hindu Nationalism, Ecology and Culture. The nearly two dozen books and hundreds of scholarly articles that he authored are proof of his incisively critical mind and his prophetic insights. Dissecting the alienating factors of contemporary culture, he opened the vast horizons of a counter-cultural vision. The seminar found Kappen’s insights equally relevant today, especially as we face grave threats to Indian democracy and ecological harmony. 

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