//Jesuit elected as President of Indian Theological Association

Jesuit elected as President of Indian Theological Association

The members of the Indian Theological Association (ITA) gathered at the National Biblical Catechetical and Liturgical Centre (NBCLC), Bangalore,  for their 44th Annual  Meet and conference from 26th – 29th April, 2022. 

The theme of the conference being ‘The Pandemic Challenges to the Indian Church: A Theological Response’, the deliberations began with critical reflections on the debilitating impact of the pandemic on the marginalized sections of the society. After analyzing the COVID situation from the social and anthropological perspectives, the challenges of the pandemic were examined first from the biblical point of view. ‘Theology in an endangered world’ was the focus of theologizing on COVID 19 and its aftermath. Its ecclesial implications were drawn by looking into the challenges posed by the pandemic to the Indian Church. 

Election of a new team of office-bearers marked this event. A. Alangaram SJ was elected the president, Evelyn Monteiro SCC as the vice-president, Victor Edwin SJ as the secretary and Rajesh Kavalackal CMI as the treasurer. Other executive committee members in the new team include Dr. Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, Frs. Paul Inje, Bilju Vazhappally and Jacob Parappally MSFS.

Two books of the earlier conferences, namely ‘Whither India? Theological Responses’ (edited by Raj Irudaya SJ and Kochurani Abraham) and ‘The Church in India Today: Credibility and Witness’ (edited by P.T. Mathew and Davis Varayilan) were released at this conference. 

A renewed commitment to live the theological mission of the Indian Church prophetically and pastorally, in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, was the note on which the meeting ended.