//A dream envisioning a change never dies

A dream envisioning a change never dies

An immortal dream, unflagging dogged determination to be the change and ray of hope for millions of eyes, an unsung warrior who created an inevitable part of history: Sr. Rani Maria-The Face of the Faceless.

Unbelievable, but a TRUE story of Forgiveness. This story entails the trial and tribulations of a woman who rose above the boundaries of religion and faith, became the face for the marginalized community of Indore, proudly remembered as ‘Indore ki Rani’. The movie encapsulates the turbulent experience from 1990 to 1995 in Bhopal and Indore, it depicts how a woman worked selflessly, marking certain reforms in the society where she worked for landless labourers in a remote Madhya Pradesh village, successfully implementing the concept of Self-Help Groups. Her work with tribal people exploited by enraged landlords and moneylenders made her counter several life-threatening instances.

Her opponents plotted her assassination and she was stabbed to death by Samandar Singh at Nachanbore Hill near Indore. The movie recalls more the need of humanity in society, the essence of forgiveness and change which is truly visible through Sr. Rani Maria’s family.

Her sister, Sr. Selmy Paul, visited Samandar Singh in jail on Rakshabandhan (festival of siblings), accepted him as her brother by tying a colourful thread known as a “rakhi” on his hands, a gesture of forgiveness on behalf of the nun’s family.

The legendary figures in history who taught the world the meaning of Humanity, compassion and forgiveness, the same would be true for Sr. Rani Maria and her family who Forgave the person who committed this heinous crime. This movie unquestionably speaks of compassion, kindness, selflessness and a spark to create reforms in the society, showing a visionary path for the coming generation.

Caroline Fernandes

Movie: The Face of the Faceless

Director: Shaison P Ouseph

Producer: Sandra Dsouza Rana