//Higher Education towards Environmental Protection

Higher Education towards Environmental Protection

The dawn has come for the Society of Jesus in South Asia with the venturing of a school of Environmental Science at SJU, Bengaluru. The new university has established PG and Research Programs in Environmental Science and Sustainability. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and guidelines will witness a fulfilment. Founded by Fathers of the French Foreign Missions, and affiliated to the University of Madras as a Second Grade College in 1882, St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) has always dedicated itself to an unending quest for excellence, that sprouts from its core philosophy of “Fide et Labore” (Latin for ‘Faith and Toil’). It was the first Jesuit school to introduce the undergraduate programme in Environmental Science (1983) under the visionary Jesuit scientist Dr. Joseph Nelapaty, SJ.

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