//Novice Masters Meet in Meghalaya

Novice Masters Meet in Meghalaya

The Directors of Novices of JCSA had our annual meeting, after two years of COVID break, from August 21st – 30th 2022, at Arrupe Renewal Centre – Jesuit Novitiate, Meghalaya. All fourteen novitiates were represented. ISF Jeyaraj (AND), Francis Fernandes (Socius) (BOM), Masillamani T. (CCU), Ripon Rosario (CCU) of Bangladesh, Shaji Joseph (DAR), Christopher Kandulna (DEL), Arun Manjit Lakra (HAZ), Ajit Soreng (JAM), John Pradeep (KAR), Rachans Lukose (KER), Gregory Coelho (KHM), Antony Inigo (MDU), Chermako Sylverius (RAN) and Thambiaiah Mariyathas (SRI) attended it.

On the 22nd Morning, Fr Melvil Pereira the Regional Superior of Kohima celebrated the inaugural Mass. In his keynote address he touched upon the significance of being formators, and shared about the Golden Jubilee Region.

Fr Gratian Carlo was the resource person on the topic “Psycho-sexual-spiritual Integration” for the first 3 days, with six hours of input a day. He invited us to learn by doing and guided us to fill a dozen of questionnaires on the topics such as index of the psycho-sexual spiritual integration.  His insightful inputs on needs, beliefs, self-image, empowering communication, evaluation of behaviour, asking for a change and celibacy, helped us have a new way of looking at the process of spiritual maturity, becoming like Christ.

On 25th Aug, we had a memorable outing to Dawki on the India-Bangladesh border and Mawlynnong, the cleanest village in Asia. And on 27th Aug, we had a visit to Shillong and a sacred grove at Mawplang. We had our lunch with the family of Fr Wilfred Kharpuri, the first Jesuit priest from the North East.

On 28th Aug, Fr Arjen Tete, the CDF, was with us, celebrated the Holy Eucharist, and in his sessions, he shared with us about the societal integral formation of our young men. He listened to our concerns. Fr Stanislaus D’Souza is the first POSA to meet with us. He shared with us the challenges of being the biggest Jesuit Conference – big in number or the creative contribution to the mission! On the next morning, he presided over the Mass.

On 29th Aug, the last day of the meeting, after completing the sharing of every Director of Novices, we had the evaluation and business session. We recognised that the meeting helped us in self-integration and filled us with a greater desire to do greater good. The meeting was organised well, looking into every detail, helping us feel at home. The newcomers who came with a lot of questions, felt consolation in listening to the wisdom of the experience of the rest. In the afternoon, we left for Guwahati and visited the Jagriti Jesuit community. The meeting came to a close with dinner at the Regional Superior’s house. We are filled with immense gratitude to Fr Melvil, the Regional Superior, Fr Richard Jarain, the Socius, Fr Anto the administrator, Fr Gregory the organizer, Fr Pheiga, the administrator of the renewal centre, and all others who cooperated with them.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in Madurai Province from 20th to 28th Aug 2023 at Maduralalya, Provincialate, Dindigul. Fr Wilson OFM Cap. has consented to train us in the practical aspects of psychosexual integration.

Antony Inigo SJ