//Fr. Suman Minj SJ (HAZ) 1971 -2022

Fr. Suman Minj SJ (HAZ) 1971 -2022

Fr. Suman Minj, SJ was born to Mr Boniface Minj and Mrs Regina Kujur on 16th July, 1971, in Timkitanr village, Sale Parish, in Daltonganj Diocese. He did his Primary and High School studies at St. Michael’s School, Sale. After finishing his matriculation, he decided to join the Society of Jesus. He went through the early Jesuit formation, including graduation from St. Aloysius’ College, Jabalpur.

After regency at Masi Marsal School, Kajarkilo, and at St. Joseph’s School, Mahuadanr, and theology at RTC Ranchi and VJ Delhi, he was ordained on 24th April 2008, in Tundtoli Parish. As a priest he spent most of his time in the educational apostolate.

 Fr. Suman Minj, was a gentle, humble, sensitive, open, sincere and hard-working person. He was totally involved in the care of his mission. He never made any compromise with his responsibility. He was reliable, was open to new ideas and capable of taking a risk. He was a good leader and also a very good companion to his fellow Jesuits. He was serious about his religious life and his prayer life was visible in his words, actions and in dealings with the people. He was a man of prayer, and the Eucharist was central to his life.

In 2015, he was appointed Headmaster of the Catholic Ashram Middle School, Bhurkunda, and in 2021, he was appointed Principal of the same school. On 18th February, 2022, he worked in the school, attended evening prayer and the community meal as usual. Then suddenly on the 18th night, he died of a heart attack. Therefore we lost a great person whom we never expected that God would call so very soon. His sudden death is a big loss for the Society of Jesus and the Church.  Barnabas Xalxo, SJ