//9th National Congress of JAAI- Trichy

9th National Congress of JAAI- Trichy

The 9th National Congress of the Federation of Jesuit Alumni/ae Associations of India (JAAI) was held from January 17-19, 2020, at St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirapalli and was jointly hosted by St. Joseph’s College and St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School. Around 550 Jesuit Alumni and 100 Jesuits from across the world attended it. The theme of the Congress was “Networking for a Harmonious World.” The Congress was formally inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by the Fr. George Pattery, Provincial of South Asia, Mr. Naresh Gupta, Prof. John Varghese, Fr. Danis Ponniah, Fr. Jebamalai Raja and Mr. Devendra Singh.

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