//Fr. Maxim Crasta, SJ (GUJ) 1966 – 2021

Fr. Maxim Crasta, SJ (GUJ) 1966 – 2021

Maxim was born on 27th December, 1966, at Loretto Parish in Mangalore Diocese. His parents, Ligoury and Christine, were devout Catholics. Maxim was the younger of their two sons. He came to Gujarat in 1984 and did his college studies at St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad. He joined the Society of Jesus on 25th July, 1988, and pronounced his first vows on 31st July, 1990. He did his Philosophy at Satya Nilayam, regency at Anand, and theology at Premal Jyoti, Ahmedabad. He was ordained on 19th October, 1999, and pronounced his Final Vows on 13th October, 2007. He served as assistant Parish Priest at Vyara, Meghraj, Kalol, Patan and Anand and served as Parish Priest at Anand and Dadhwada.

Maxim learnt to play the harmonium in the Pre-novitiate. He had a loud voice too and that added more flavour to his music. While in Meghraj, he brought out two cassettes in the local language ‘Waghdi’ (Bhili). He knew all the bhajans in ‘Kirtansagar’ – the Gujarati hymnal, not only the serial numbers but the full hymns.

Maxim was twice appointed Province vocation promoter for Karnataka. His last vocation Melvin D’sa was ordained just a few days before Maxim died.

Wherever he was appointed Maxim could easily mingle with the people. He could pick up local dialects easily. He held people close to his heart and befriended them.

From his early days Maxim wanted everything fast. In his studies and other responsibilities too, he was very quick. He never believed in keeping things pending. As a hardworking person, he made sure, whatever was given to him, he did his best and did it fast. He left from this world as well, very fast in the prime of his life – just 54! While I miss a personal friend in him, people of Gujarat certainly miss a caring pastor in dear Maxim.

Fr. James Vas, SJ